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How to use Maxforce Magnum Roach Bait to get rid of German Cockroaches

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Maxforce fc magnum home depot

You will use this in areas where bait cannot be applied. Maxforce FC Magnum is the newest and fastest-acting roach bait ever by Maxforce. Reup about every 2 weeks. Most of what I've researched says after this, the next cycle should be Advion or something like it. Will write another review in 3 months to update effectiveness. No reduction in bugs at ALL, even after a week. Please see our Ant Treatment Article for more information about ant control. Product seems to be keeping the bug problem in check. Gentrol IGR stops the roach life cycle. We also recommend using Gentrol Point Source to break down the reproductive cycle. Maxforce fc magnum home depot

Maxforce fc magnum home depot

Maxforce fc magnum home depot

Maxforce fc magnum home depot

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  1. Which chemical works the fastest, Imidacloprid, Indoxacarb, Fipronil, Hydramethylnon, or something else? No reduction in bugs at ALL, even after a week. You can apply Demon to the cracks crevices and entry points as a barrier.

  2. Because of the amount of active ingredient, even if ants ate the bait, they would die too quickly to carry the active ingredient throughout the colony. The last visit from the local pest control co.

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