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How to throw a secret party in a hotel room

   09.12.2018  4 Comments

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We threw a party in a fan's hotel room!!

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Throwing a party in a hotel room

Two birds, meet one stone. Survey the room carefully and remove decorative objects that could easily be broken. They complained, so the hotel sent a burly and brusque security guard to investigate. They can alert you to guest-related issues like drinking too much. You can also make your own watermelon keg by soaking a punctured watermelon with rum and then adding a tap to it. Throwing a party in a hotel room

Throwing a party in a hotel room

Throwing a party in a hotel room

Throwing a party in a hotel room

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  1. You have to ensure minimal attention from the hotel authorities. Now to avoid that kind of a situation, list out your guests wisely. To create a buzz about the party, just ask your guests to clear their schedule for that night, but don't reveal the venue or the occasion until the very last day.

  2. It is always said that there is that one person who always spoils the fun. Also, get yourself known to the other facilities that the hotel has to offer.

  3. Clear the party scene of any object that you think might get damaged during your fun hours. Then a hotel party is your thing. I went downstairs expecting to find someone discreetly holding a bag or two of food.

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