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Teen Titans Go! - Beast Boy Gets a Job - Cartoon Network

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Beast boy eats meat

This would likely mean his interactions with his teammates are due to being around people his age where he can act carefree. Once he accidentally caused Cyborg to download a malevolent computer virus from a bootleg copy of his favorite computer game Mega Monkeys 4 into the latter's systems, causing him to rampage across the city, consuming everything in sight. Gods Among Us. When Robin starts to push Beast Boy too hard, the latter looses control and once again transforms into the werebeast, and immediately goes after Raven. While Beast Boy has carried a lot of resentment and rage towards Terra, he never failed to forgive her and offer her support when it mattered. Initially, the other werebeast overwhelms Beast Boy, violently beating and throwing him about the sewers while taking no damage in return. Outfits For the various outfits that Beast Boy wears throughout the show, click here. He does leave his acting career to join the Titans, but he soon goes back to it and moves to Los Angeles. Beast boy eats meat

Beast boy eats meat

Beast boy eats meat

Beast boy eats meat

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