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Oceana (non-profit group)

   01.06.2018  3 Comments

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Oceana Organization

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Oceana nonprofit

In Oceana, Danson details his journey from joining a modest local protest in the mids to oppose offshore oil drilling near his Southern California neighborhood to his current status as one of the world's most influential oceanic environmental activists, testifying before congressional committees in Washington, D. In his incisive, conversational voice, Danson describes what has happened to our oceans in just the past half-century, ranging from the ravages of overfishing and habitat destruction to the devastating effects of ocean acidification and the wasteful horrors of fish farms. The book is beautifully laid out with some fantastic photography and She also notes that red snapper is both commercially sold and recreationally fished, making it a coveted species. Why does it matter? Oceana nonprofit

Oceana nonprofit

Oceana nonprofit

Oceana nonprofit

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  1. Danson also shares the stage of Oceana with some of the world's most respected authorities in the fields of marine science, commercial fishing, and environmental law, as well as with other influential activists. They found that 20 percent of the fish they tested were incorrectly labeled.

  2. Confusion of labeling laws, using common vernacular, or misidentifying a fish all likely contribute to some of the fish that are mislabeled. Orders of sea bass were often replaced by giant perch, Alaskan halibut by Greenland turbot, and Florida snapper by lavender jobfish, to name a few. In their report, the environmental group states:

  3. In some cases of seafood fraud, consumers trying to support local fishers were instead served fish from a foreign country. Though she wasn't involved in the Oceana study, she says the group's findings are consistent with her own research.

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