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Jane and the dragon - Rune Part 2

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Jane and the dragon rune

However, it is not uncommon to hear great wisdom and insight come from his lips when the need arises. His gardening talents are displayed in the topiary of the Royal Garden, although he seems to spend more time growing foodstuffs than maintaining ornamental plants. He taught himself how to speak and stayed away from all humans, whom he would call a "short-life". Gunther often manages to resolve the sticky situations his father creates without damaging the merchant's reputation. He plans to make his compost famous throughout the kingdom. Gunther then asks Sir Ivon about having the maze test at night, without explicitly mentioning Jane's fear of the dark, thus exploiting Jane's weakness without directly violating the Code. She has concerns over Jane's plan to become a knight and does not always approve of the influence that Dragon seems to have over her daughter. Jester has romantic feelings for Jane [6] and in the episode "Mismatched", it is implied that Jane returns these feelings. Jane and the dragon rune

Jane and the dragon rune

Jane and the dragon rune

Jane and the dragon rune

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  1. He also has his own compost pile, which he maintains by himself this helps relieve the castle of Dragon's foul-smelling waste.

  2. Dragon's scales often cause him great itching , which has been referenced several times in the series.

  3. As Jane's mentor, he displays patience and understanding. Working for his father often causes Gunther to fall behind with his studies. The son of a knight, his father died in battle defending the castle.

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