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Flow Blue Pottery - Antiques with Gary Stover

Video about dating blue mountain pottery:

Dating blue mountain pottery

The traditional, most recognized color is a streaked green and blue tone, but additional colors and color combinations were later added. Where did it come from and can that be verified by a bill of sale or family photos that include the piece? Although most similar pottery styles were made in Canada, some were made in Japan, as illustrated by this photo. The fact that early BMP associates moved out on their own and the factory changed ownership several times indicates there may be confounding similarities. Over 30 other color combinations were also used throughout the years, many with the intention of echoing the natural elements of the area. Look at the colors. Dating blue mountain pottery

Dating blue mountain pottery

Dating blue mountain pottery

Dating blue mountain pottery

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  1. Are the handles of a jug the same as originals or reversed, as shown in comparison photos by The Canadian Pottery Identifier? The range was extensive, from a variety of animals, vases and jugs and kitchenware to complete tea sets. Over or under firing also affected the end result, so a very unusual shade could just be the result of kiln conditions.

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