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Divorce by Mutual Consent in India – Everything you need to know

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How to file a mutual divorce case

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Divorce laws in india mutual consent

Another consideration is child custody. Other affidavits and Vakalatnama is also submitted to the court along with the divorce petition. Section 13B 2 no doubt cautions the court of its duty to fight the last ditch battle to save the marriage, but when the court is fully satisfied on the basis of the proved facts that in the interests of justice of the society and the individuals marriage tie should be put as under immediately, s. During the British regime the law of guardianship was developed by the courts. After the lapse of a period of six months, the parties are expected to present themselves again in the court for forwarding of the second motion so as confirming the mutual consent filed earlier. Marriage is an eternal bond, the essence of family. There is no alternative available to the other spouse in such cases other than filing a normal petition for the divorce under the provisions of Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, It entitles a Muslim woman to Reasonable and fair amount of maintenance during Iddat period Where she herself maintains the children born to her before or after the divorce, a reasonable and fair provision and maintenance is to be paid by the former husband for a period of 2 years from the dates of birth of such children; An amount equal to the sum of mahr or dower which was agreed upon at the time of marriage; All gifts and other properties were given to her at the time, during or after the marriage. Formalities to be complied with Under this section a decree for dissolution of marriage solemnized under this Act can be passed by a District Court on compliance with the following formalities: Divorce laws in india mutual consent

Divorce laws in india mutual consent

Divorce laws in india mutual consent

Divorce laws in india mutual consent

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  1. As a mutual consent divorce lawyer, it is desirable to suggest to parties to understand the futility of long drawn litigation and thereby proceed towards mutual consent divorce. To file a divorce petition in India, the divorce lawyer also submits the following documents along with the divorce petition:

  2. The dissolution of marriage as per custom and usages is one of the modes of dissolution of marriage recognized under the law.

  3. Therefore, when court is fully satisfied on the proved facts that marriage tie should be severed by mutual consent immediately, since the parties have been living separately for more than the time prescribed under section B 6 months and that they have been fighting for sufficiently long period and, in such a case, instant decree of divorce can be granted.

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