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Haven Connect Preview

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Haven the stronger smarter home lock

The main features of this device are as follows: The Haven Mech is hands-free and only requires stepping on the device to lock and unlock. This is perfect for homeowners renting out their place to temporary tenants. We are continually developing HAVEN so that it can connect with even more of your digital devices to make your life even easier. Our floor-anchored, electronic locking wedge fortifies the door at its strongest point — the base. Potential partnerships and interested clients include big names like: The smart lock version of the product, Haven Connect, allows you to manually unlock and unlock your door, but you can also access it remotely. The Haven Mech reinforces the strongest part of the door across 11 inches rather than at a single small point like most similar devices. Haven the stronger smarter home lock

Haven the stronger smarter home lock

Haven the stronger smarter home lock

Haven the stronger smarter home lock

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  1. Scott has 37 years of experience in advanced manufacturing and prototyping, including eight years owning Integrated Machining, a research and development metal working shop, three years in Quality Assessment of high precision, and six years of axis CNC and CMM programming. Our revolutionary solution is stronger, smarter and safer than any other home locking system you can buy. This will ensure it aligns properly for mounting.

  2. HAVEN is a new smart lock that is anchored at the strongest point of the entryway, inside at the base of the door, preventing break-ins where traditional lock systems fall short. At HAVEN, Scott will oversee hardware manufacturing, sourcing, tool and mold production, assembly and quality control. Amid the home automation trend sweeping the nation, we fit in perfectly.

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